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Types of Claims

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Have you noticed damage to your home, office, or other property? Has your roof started to leak, or have you noticed water staining to the interior of your ceilings? Have you experienced a plumbing issue or sewage backup that has resulted in a water loss or some other type of damage?

Have you been displaced from your home due to a fire, a storm, or some other accidental event? Have you already contacted your insurance carrier and have concerns regarding how the insurance company is handling your claim?

Issues That May Arise


With over fifteen years of combined experience, the team at Fizer Flores is available to answer any of your questions and to serve all your insurance law needs. Please contact our office for a free consultation/case review.  Fizer Flores, LLC, is a full-service law firm that assists its clients with legal disputes against their insurance companies. From inception to resolution, Fizer Flores is here to help navigate the often-complicated process of an insurance claim and any legal issues that come up along the way.

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Wind speeds do not need to rise to the level of a hurricane or a tornado to cause considerable damage. This is especially so in coastal states like Florida, where a storm can seemingly pop up out of nowhere, wreak havoc to both residential and commercial properties in the area, and dissipate just as quickly as it appeared. Wind can often cause roofing shingles to lift, crease, or tear. It can also cause roofing tiles to de-bond, crack, or shit in position. Damages such as those stated above can often go unnoticed, but may result in a compromised roofing system which leaves your property susceptible to additional costly damages due to water intrusion and the like. If you believe your Property may have been damaged due to a recent wind event or storm and would like assistance with pursuing an insurance claim for same, please contact our office at your earliest convenience.


Water damage can come at you from all angles. From a roof leak to a pipe burst; it is important to know what to do.  Timely discovery of the damage, identification of the source, and mitigation against further loss are all important considerations when dealing with a water damage claim.  Improper classification of water damage, improper methods of remediation, and superficial repairs are just some of the common issues an insured will face when seeking recovery under a water damage claim.

Don’t let your insurance company shortchange you on when it comes to the necessary and proper remediation/repair at your home or business post water loss.  Contact us today for a free consultation/case review regarding.

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A fire of any size can cause considerable damage to a property above and beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Whether a result of arson or accidental, fires can destroy a property inside and out. From the structure itself, to the contents inside, fire claims can often result in a total loss.

If you have suffered a fire or smoke related loss, it is important to have both a comprehensive understanding of all property that was consumed or damaged by the fire, as well as, a comprehensive understanding of the total coverages afforded under your insurance policy.

The team at Fizer Flores, LLC, is well equipped to help you navigate this process with confidence and peace of mind. Should you need assistance with a fire or smoke related loss, be sure to contact our office at your earliest convenience.


Here in Florida, “hurricane season” runs from June 1st through November 30th every year. In other words, Floridians spend roughly half the calendar year susceptible to suffering a hurricane loss to their home and/or business. It is important to know the nuances between a hurricane loss and other types of loss which are covered under your property insurance Policy.

Navigating costly deductibles, pursuing recovery for damaged/destroyed contents, loss of use/additional living expenses, and/or business interruption can be confusing and stressful for insureds. If you are faced with a hurricane loss and need assistance pursuing a claim for same, please contact our offices and see how we may be to assist you in your endeavors.


Not all sinkhole damage results in the Earth opening up and swallowing a building whole. Nevertheless, a property owner should be familiar and aware of the more typical, yet less extreme damages associated with sinkhole activity. Stair-step cracks in cinderblock walls, cracks located at the corners of door and window frames, sticking or jammed doors and windows, cracked or damaged flooring, as well as damage to the foundation and plumbing system beneath, are all common damages associated with sinkhole activity and potentially a sinkhole loss. If you have questions regarding a possible sinkhole loss to your property or would like a free evaluation of your insurance policy to see if it includes coverage for sinkhole loss, please contact the legal team at Fizer Flores, LLC to assist you.

Other Types of Claims