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Personal Injury
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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or through the negligent acts of another, it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately. Don’t let an insurance company and its network of lawyers add to your pain and suffering. With our firm on your side, you will have access to our team of experienced professionals who will ensure that you get the maximum recovery possible. Let us handle your case so you can focus on what really matters: getting your health back.

It is essential that you contact an attorney regarding your personal injury case as soon as possible, it may make the difference when it comes to the conclusion of your claim. Personal injury cases are subject to statutes of limitation, which may limit your ability to make a claim. To speak to an attorney about your personal injury case, please contact us today. We have helped countless clients achieve positive outcomes on their cases.

Auto Accidents

When you are injured in a car accident, the last thing you should be doing is dealing with insurance adjusters. These individuals will work hard to avoid compensating you for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Instead of stressing about complex legal paperwork and endless calls with the insurance company, let our firm handle it for you. We will help ensure that you are fairly compensated for the harm you have experienced, whether through settlement or through a jury verdict. If your case comes to trial, we are fully prepared to represent your claims in the appropriate venue. We believe that your health should come first, so while you are recovering, we will handle any and all legal matters that arise from your motor vehicle accident. Even if you are unsure whether you have a case, don’t hesitate to contact our firm.

Motorcycle Accidents

Florida is the perfect setting for a motorcycle ride, but unfortunately, other motorists are not always on the lookout for you and your bike on the road. This has lead to countless accidents, and the consequences can be dire for you and your family, especially if your personal injury claim is not handled properly. When the worst happens, it is essential that you contact an attorney immediately. Insurance coverage may apply differently to motorcycle accidents as opposed to other auto accidents, thus, you should work with an attorney who understands the nuances. You should also work with an attorney who cares about your well being. When motorcycle accidents occur, injuries may be at their worst, so don’t spend your time and energy dealing with insurance companies and their low ball offers. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, contact our office today.

Trucking Accidents

Large trucks and tractor-trailers are a constant and dangerous presence on our highways. These massive vehicles are difficult to maneuver and are often operated by tired, over-worked drivers. Thus, it is not surprising that trucking accidents are more commonplace than ever. If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, hire an attorney who understands the complex liability issues that may be involved. The driver, the trucking company, a parts manufacturer, or even the shipper may be responsible for your injuries. At our firm, we are experienced in handling accidents involving these trucks and tractor-trailers. We understand the laws and applicable federal regulations that govern these cases. This knowledge will help ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

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Wrongful Death

No matter the circumstances, losing a loved one is a difficult and heartbreaking situation. When the loss is caused by the actions of another, it may compound the sorrow felt by friends and family. While no sum of money will replace your loved one, the amount recovered will help your family through this challenging time. As with most personal injury cases, proper timing is an essential factor in your claim, and though you have experienced a tragedy, it is important to take prompt action. If you believe the death of your loved one was caused by the actions of another, don’t hesitate to contact our firm. We will treat you and your loved ones with care and compassion while also working hard to get the compensation you deserve for your claim.

Slip and Fall

Any number of conditions can result in a slip and falling, causing injuries. If these conditions are in violation of premises liability laws, the landowner or other similar parties may be responsible for your injuries. Instead of attempting to ascertain who is at fault, you should contact an attorney experienced in slip and fall cases. Liability is not always clear, and insurance companies will use this to their advantage, frequently claiming that their party is not at fault. Furthermore, landowners may attempt to cover the conditions that caused the fall. As such, the sooner you consult our office, the better your chances of obtaining the proper compensation. At our firm, we have all the resources necessary to investigate your claim and get you the maximum recovery possible.

Nursing Home Negligence

Even if you believe that you have chosen a proper nursing home for your loved one, mistreatment of elderly and disabled individuals is still a potential concern. Often, employees take advantage of these helpless patients, which can lead to serious injuries or even death. If you suspect that negligent or intentional acts have caused your loved one harm during his or her stay at a nursing home, contact our firm today. We take pride in giving a voice to those who may not be able to speak up for themselves. Even if you are unsure about the cause of your loved one’s injuries, we can help you understand the circumstances and your potential claims. We will investigate your claim and make sure that you and your family are fairly compensated for injuries resulting from nursing home negligence.